Rasberry Almond Cookies


12 Cup Butter   Cream
13 Cup Sugar
14 tsp Salt   Separate egg, set white aside. Add and beat egg yolk until light.
12 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Each Egg Yolk
1 Cup Flour   Add 1 Cup + 2 Tbsp Flour, and mix well.
2 Tbsp Flour
34 Cup Almonds   Blanch almonds, grind or finely chop.
1 Jar Rasberry Jam   Seedless

Chill dough. Rol into 3/4" to 1"balls. Dip in egg white, then almonds. Put on ungreased cookie sheet and press indent in center of each cookie. Fill with a scant 1/4 tsp jam. Bake 300 degrees ~18-20 minutes and then remove to rack to cool.

Optionally, zig-zag drizzle of green confectioners sugar frosting over the top of cookie.